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Official TM Forum Training and Certification is a critical supporting tool in helping our members continuously transform and succeed in the digital economy

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A high-level introduction to the future of architecture for digital service providers, why it is needed and its basic principles and building blocks.  The path to digital transformation is not straightforward, but it is essential to surviving and thriving in the future digital market. Companies that can master the business, operational and technical challenges of transformation have a huge opportunity to play a pivotal role in the next wave of digitalization of commerce and society.   You will learn about the ODA principles and building blocks used by the world’s leading communications service providers and technology suppliers. Click HERE for more details. Read More

This training course is designed to provide a high-level overview of the next-generation management architecture for telecom service providers. You will learn how TM Forum’s Open Digital Framework (ODF) library supports project delivery lifecycles, why TM Forum’s Open Digital Architecture (ODA) is needed and understand its principles and building blocks. This course includes the related Foundation-Level exam to gain TM Forum Knowledge Certification. Click "Content" tab for more details. Read More

Este curso de formación está diseñado para proporcionar una visión general de alto nivel de la arquitectura de gestión de próxima generación para los proveedores de servicios digitales. Aprenderá cómo la biblioteca Open Digital Framework (ODF) de TM Forum brinda soporte a los ciclos de vida de entrega de proyectos, por qué se necesita la Arquitectura digital abierta (ODA) de TM Forum y comprenderá sus principios y componentes básicos. Este curso incluye el examen de nivel básico relacionado para obtener la certificación de conocimiento de TM Forum. Haga clic en "Content"/"Contenido" para más detalles.  Read More

TM Forum's Revenue Assurance Fundamentals course provides an overview of Revenue Assurance for personnel new to the revenue assurance domain and who will have an operational role within their revenue assurance program. This course includes the related Foundation-Level exam to gain TM Forum Knowledge Certification. Click "Content" tab for more details. Read More

The TM Forum Open Digital Framework (ODF) comprises tools, code, knowledge, and standards, developed by TM Forum member organizations. This training journey upskills people to understand the extent of the ODF library and to be able to put into practice assets and best practices in it that are associated with a specific set of Skill Paths. Take this Kickstarter bundle of 2 courses to introduce you to the Revenue Assurance Skill path.  Revenue Assurance Skill Path aims to tackle main question for any business: How much leakage is acceptable and how do we improve the operations and systems in order to minimize those leakages? This bundle includes the related Foundation-Level exams to gain TM Forum Knowledge Certifications, however, to obtain the full Skill Path Certification you will need to complete the Practitioner-Level course and related exam. Click the "Content" tab for more details. Read More

This course introduces TM Forum’s perspective on digital maturity and transformation. Using industry best practices and TM Forum models, guidelines and blueprints, we introduce the concepts of being digital, digital maturity and transformation; provide background on what is driving these changes; and introduce some practical guidance on how to plan and execute programs that will help drive your organization’s digital transformation with a focus on achieving improved customer satisfaction, increased revenues and reduced costs. This course includes the related Foundation-Level exam to gain TM Forum Knowledge Certification. Click "Content" tab for more details. Read More

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