Application Framework (TAM) Foundation Level Exam

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*****Important announcement: You are granted 2 attempts to pass this exam, however, if you are unsuccessful you may request a re-take by contacting a minimum of 14 days from your previous attempt, noting that there are no exceptions to this rule.*****

This exam is open book.

For every question, check the box beside the best answer from the choices given.

You may submit your exam at any time, but may not re-enter the exam once submitted. If you run out of time your exam will automatically be submitted.

Your exam result will be presented directly after submission.

You will be notified when 5 minutes remain.

Some basic ground rules...

This exam is to be taken only by the named owner of this account profile without the assistance of any other person. Copying of exam questions is also strictly prohibited.

TM Forum reserves the right to investigate, suspend or revoke any certification result if there is a suspicion of cheating, and may also expel guilty parties from future TM Forum training and certification indefinitely.

By clicking "Start" you acknowledge and accept these conditions.

Good luck!


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate TAM Exam Cert

Application Framework (TAM) Foundation Level Exam
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