Business Process Skill Path Kickstarter Bundle (incl. certification exams)

4 courses


$1482 - 1752


The TM Forum Open Digital Framework (ODF) comprises tools, code, knowledge, and standards, developed by TM Forum member organizations. This training journey upskills people to understand the extent of the ODF library and to be able to put into practice assets and best practices in it that are associated with a specific set of Skill Paths.

Take this Kickstarter bundle of 2 courses to introduce you to the Business Process Skill Path. 

The Business Process Skill Path will eventually provide you with the expertise you need to implement these best practices and to propel your enterprise towards becoming a thriving agile digital business.

This bundle includes the related Foundation-Level exams to gain TM Forum Knowledge Certifications, however, to obtain the full Skill Path Certification you will need to complete the Practitioner-Level course and related exam.

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